February 17, 2010

Food, Food, and More Food

The Lenten season has begun. One tradition that I was raised with is that I give up some sort of food item for 40 days of Lent. This year I am giving up soda. This will be rather hard for me because I go through periods where I really like Coke, and recently I've been liking it a lot. I am hoping this will work as a sort of detox for me, and that I will not go back to drinking so much soda after Lent. Another thing I am really going to try very hard to give up is swearing. I have been using curse words a bit more than I used to, and I want to cut them out all together.

Because it is Lent, my meal plans have had to adjust accordingly. Pat informed me this morning that he does not like stuffed shells without a meat sauce, so now that meal is out on Fridays now too. Tonight Pat requested pizza, and I really wanted to make my homemade dough again. It has been ages since I made the dough. I love homemade pizza, and that is thanks to my mother who always made delicious homemade pizzas while I was growing up. So my dough is currently on the rise, and I cannot wait until tonight.

Tomorrow we are having inside out cheeseburgers. You put the cheese inside the burger instead of on top.

Last night I made some pretty good Buttery Pork Chops. Here is how you make them:
Season pork chops as you wish with salt and pepper.
Coat chops in flour.
Dunk chops in a milk and egg mixture.
Place the chops in a baggie with crushed Ritz crackers (and a little garlic salt and pepper if you like) to coat with crumb mixture. I used honey butter flavored crackers and they were very yummy.
Place chops in a casserole dish and place some pats of butter around the chops.
Cover and cook at 375 for 40 minutes.
They were very rich, but since I really do like butter that was a good thing. The only warning I will give though is that the cracker coating is a little soggy with this recipe as opposed to crunchy, but I rather enjoyed them.

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