February 28, 2010

Exciting Weekend Before a Lonely Month

Pat leaves Monday for a month at JRTC. I won't go on about how upset I was that Pat forgot to tell me he leaves Monday and not Tuesday until I asked a random question yesterday.

Anyways...we've been enjoying some family time this weekend and soaking up as much of Pat as we can. I've stocked up on groceries so that I can hopefully limit the trips to the store since with two children trips out aren't much fun. This afternoon we are super excited to bring Ryan to Playhouse Disney Live! I think he'll be so excited to see all the characters, but especially the Little Einsteins. He now knows each character by name, but I think June is his favorite because he has me read a book about her new shoes every night before bed. I just hope that Ryan will sit relatively still through the show and that Sean will nurse or sleep and be happy.

More excitement for the weekend is that we finally booked a hotel for our block leave vacation to Atlanta in May. Some of you are probably wondering, why Atlanta? We wanted something in relatively easy driving distance for the kids, and we wanted a place with a lot of family activities. On our way down to Atlanta we plan to stop at the Chattanooga Aquarium. In Atlanta we will go to the zoo, aquarium, children's museum, Olympic park, and botanical gardens. The thing I am most excited about right now is that we got a hotel that is perfect for us. It is a two room suite, with a separate living and bedroom area. That way we can put the kids down for bed and then watch TV ourselves. Our room has a fridge and microwave; the hotel has a pool and free breakfast. It is a perfect location too. I am just over the moon right now that our plans are coming together. Pat and I haven't really vacationed or travelled at all ( and I really mean at all) since our honeymoon except for traveling to Disney with my family. I am looking forward to taking a family vacation with our kids. I guess thinking about this vacation will help me get through the next month.

Today is a very happy day. I'll post later about how the kids do at the show.

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