February 6, 2010

Why Blog?

I bet it is clear that I do not blog to get followers, huh?

Part of the reason to blog is to keep family and friends updated on the kids through stories and pictures. But that isn't all. It would be a rather boring blog to many others if that is all there was.

I do NOT believe that a blog is only good for a deployment.

I blog to share a bit of myself with you that I probably wouldn't say otherwise. I am more of a writer than a talker. I am an introvert in person. However, I will sometimes write more about myself than I would tell you if we were talking face to face. In some ways it feels good to open up even if it is through the faceless blog world. I use the blog as a release. My blog is a "good friend" that I can come to and tell how bad or good a day was. My blog can remind me that I need to be a better person through the idea that people are watching/listen. It is true that my blog does not usually talk back to me, but by me writing on it I find clarity. And lastly, no matter how trivial what I have to say is, I know my blog is always listening.

Some of what I write or post may bore you. Not to be harsh, but I don't care. I do this blog as much for me as I do to share my life with all of you. I hope that you enjoy reading it, but the most important thing is that I enjoy writing it.

Why do you blog? What is your blog to you?


Jennifer said...

hey there, I don't blog but i enjoy reading yours:) and it makes me think about blogging:)

Devon said...

i enjoy reading your blog! i started blogging to cut down on mass emails of photos of my kids and in the mix, it gave me a place to write more detail of what was going on in our day to day like. my family very much enjoys seeing my kids grow instead of going for so long without seein them!

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