January 15, 2011

Dilemma Solved (kind of)

Do you remember how I mentioned that my fashion dilemma is finding the perfect frames of eyeglasses? You can see the original post HERE. I stopped by the PX yesterday to check out what they had there. A few years back I purchased eyeglasses there and LOVED them, but unfortunately Pat and Ryan broke them one day when I was shopping. The thing about them though was they were SUPER expensive. You'd think the PX would be less expensive than most places, right? Wrong, they are the most expensive place for glasses around it seems. But I digress, so yesterday I stopped in there to see what they have. I found several really cute pairs that would solve my dilemma. It will make it a tough choice for me, but I know I'll find a pair I love there. I get a bit nervous about selecting glasses myself, but I really liked some of the pairs I saw. They still are very expensive, but since I will be wearing them almost everyday, I might as well pay for a pair I love.

But alas, my problem isn't solved quite yet. I need to get my eyes checked. It shouldn't be too hard to get in to see my eye doctor, but the same cannot be said for getting the kids into daycare. I looked online last night, and every M-W-F morning is booked for the next three weeks. I think they did have some random afternoons, but I just cannot sacrifice the kids' nap for that. I'll just keep looking until I can get it all scheduled.

And when I finally get some new glasses, I'll be sure to post some pictures.

1 comment:

Poekitten said...

I've had the same glasses for 7 years because I love the frames! I hate getting new frames...it's so hard to find something. Hope you find the perfect pair:)

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