October 30, 2010


I am in no way a "fashionista", but I am conscious of fashion in some ways. However, I don't think it will be long before I start looking like an out of date soccer mom...sigh.

Here are two fashion issues that I've been thinking about for a while now:

What color frames for glasses?
I have two pairs of glasses. I have a cute brown pair that suits my face, and then I also have a pair of black frames that are square and more mad scientist looking. The black ones only look good on me depending on how I wear my hair on a given day. (Pat picked out the black pair.)
My problems is that I feel weird wearing my brown frames if I am wearing black/grey. Also, the earrings that are usually in my ears are black diamond circles. I know I probably over think this issue, but it's something that bothers me. I wish I had a pair of glasses that were perfect no matter what color I wear.

I love, love, love boots, but don't really like skinny jeans so much.
I have a hard enough time finding jeans that I love to wear every day. I have yet to find a great pair of skinny jeans to go with my boots. Yes, I can wear my boots with skirts and dresses. But the thing is that I just don't really go many places, so wearing skirts and dresses in the winter just doesn't happen so often. So unfortunately, my lovely boots don't get as much wear as I'd like.

R & R Outfit
I would really love to wear a cute outfit when I pick Pat up from the airport. (I still have over 1.5 months until that happens though.) I was thinking if I could find a cute dress, I would be able to wear my beloved boots. It's hard to buy a dress online, especially because I am decently tall and do NOT want a mini dress (despite what Pat may want). I came across a dress that I love and think could be perfect.
Here is the DRESS.
What do you think? It's simple, but I love the cut of it. I haven't ordered it yet because I'm cheap, but I'm thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

I like it! It seems very versatile, depending on the shoes and accessories you wear. I'm the same way about boots: I LOVE them but rarely wear mine anymore, because being a SAHM doesn't offer tons of opportunities for them :( In fact I spent a LOT on a pair of boots last year, that I only wore like 3 times (but I'm hoping to wear them more this season).

djones said...

Hi! I found your blog through my google fashion alerts. I know how you feel. I'm not a military wife but I am a SAHM, so I get the dilema. I don't get to be all cute for myself and my hubby all the time because I am home all of the time. I wanted to change that so I'm on a mission to become a housewife fashionista. I like the dress you've picked out. I starteda new blog just last night dedicated to this very ordeal. I hope you have the time to stop by ant tell me some things you would like to see in something created for women like us, wives that want to be cute.

Jessica said...

I so can identify with you here...I always feel so behind the fashion trends, but seriously who has time??? Obviously somebody does cause it never fails that when I head out thinking how this is stylish I always see others who have on way cuter things...sheesh

As far as the glasses, I really don't know what to tell.

I am in the same boat with the skinny jeans. I have yet to find a pair but want to wear a pair with my boots.

I really like the dress you chose for R&R and it would look adorable with boots. =)

The Fischer Family said...

I think the dress is adorable Shelly! And it would look really cute with tights and boots too :) Splurge and get something for yourself that you love...you deserve it! :-P

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