January 7, 2011

Overtired Children and Sleeping Dogs

This post may be a bit random, but try to go with it ;)

Yesterday was a day where I was looking forward to bedtime. The kids have both been overtired for a few days. Originally I thought going back to school was taking a toll on Ryan, but I think Sean crying for long periods of time in the wee hours of the morning may also have something to do with it. I'm still working on weaning Sean. I try rocking him when he wakes, but he much prefers nursing. This morning at 5 a.m. I gave in (pretty quickly too) because he was so upset about not nursing, and I just didn't want him crying for the rest of the morning and waking Ryan up. I think it will be a slow process, but I'm working on it.

So yesterday included overtired, cranky kids. One of them (Ryan) flooded the bathroom at bath time. I lost my temper, and I hate when that happens. I think I'm the one that needs a swift kick to my butt.

I put the kids to bed a little early and settled in to watch some new Thursday TV. We got rid of some furniture when Pat was home, so I was sitting in a chair. The (heavy) ottoman was across the room and I was too lazy to go get it. I didn't want to move to the couch because I like to have the TV volume on really low and the couch is pretty far away from the TV for that. So I was making do and finding all sorts of awkward positions to try to get comfortable.

Then my pug, Sammy, came over and wanted to snuggle on my lap. That was just what I needed--a warm, cuddly, snoring dog to snuggle with. It made me feel warm and cozy and despite the awkward sitting, I was happy to be sharing my night with my little cuddle pug.

However, I'm positive that whoever started the saying, "let sleeping dogs lie", did not let those sleeping dogs lie in their bed. We have 3 dogs. They sleep in our bed and pretty much always have. Thankfully some years ago we upgraded to a king size bed. You would think that would give me plenty of room with a deployed husband, but for some reason I end up on the edge of the bed not being able to move anywhere. This morning right before Sean woke up, I was holding myself on the edge trying not to topple over the side. My cute little cuddle pug that I mentioned above, likes to sleep really closely and often right under the covers with me. Yet that little 30 lb-er is capable of using his weight to slowly push you out of the bed. I think Pat and I have some changes to be made in regards to the dogs' sleeping arrangements when he returns.

And since we are talking about my cute dogs and specifically my pug, I thought I'd post a video of Sammy watching a news story this morning about his distant cousins--big pigs.

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