January 27, 2011


I know you've seen my new blog design by now.  I wanted to make a few posts to explain about the photos I used for the header.  They are all special photos to me.  The first one I'll explain is the photo of the rose.  Maybe you just thought I liked pretty flowers, which I do, but it is more than that.

As you know from my previous posts, Pat took command of his battery.  I'm not sure if you've been to a change of command ceremony before, but at that ceremony they usually present flowers to the incoming and outgoing Commanders' wives.  After the ceremony there is a reception held.  It is usually a celebratory day.  Just like most things in Pat's career, we weren't able to have the usual event (this time because Pat is deployed).  A part of me is sad that I've missed out on such a big milestone in our Army life, but there is a part of me that always assumed our luck would play out this way.

Well, I'm now going to tell you just another reason why I love my husband.  The day Pat took command, I received a delivery of 12 long stemmed roses.  Pat didn't want me to be left out from his change of command.

While I love the gesture of the flowers, the part that makes them so special to me was the card.

Thank you for all of the sacrifices over the last 7 years;
You are my rock.  
This day is as much for you as it is for me.  
I'm sorry that you can't be here to take part in it with me.
I love you!

In that simple note, he made me feel a part of his special day even though I could not be there.  He made me feel like we are a team and that I am appreciated.  Most of all, because of that note I know how loved I am.  

So that rose in my header is more than just a rose.  It marks a milestone, a celebration, a partnership, and the love that is ever present between me and Pat.  


The Fischer Family said...

How beautiful! And it is very true, that behind every great solider is a great woman at home holding down the homefront! You are an inspiration! Congratulations to both of you!

Devon said...

such a wonderful surprise! i love how thoughtful pat is!
i also love the new layout! looks awesome!

Just Another MilSpouse said...

What an awesome guy! Love the story and the roses look perfect!

Jessica said...

Love this!

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