January 21, 2011

The Things Kids Learn

Whenever I vacuum (which is not as often as a person with two kids and three dogs should) my boys like to help me.  They each have their own "vacuum" to carry around while I use my Dyson.  Today while Sean was helping me, he insisted on wearing a backpack.  The backpack is huge on him, but he looks absolutely adorable.  I thought that was just too cute.   However, as I watched him I noticed the whole time I was working that he not only had his backpack on and was carrying his "vacuum", but he was also holding a cell phone to his ear.  If that isn't multitasking, I don't know what is.

A little while later in the afternoon Ryan starts calling for my attention.  I look over to him, and he announced "I'm wearing Momma's shoes."  I told him how pretty they were on him and was about to turn around when he said, "I want to do ballet."  I froze where I was because I never expected my 3 year old to know what ballet was.  I asked him if ballet was what he said, and he confirmed it was.  So I said okay, let's do ballet.  He grabbed my hands and started twirling us around.  I knew I needed to get a photo of this.  I grabbed my camera and asked if he could show me ballet.  I received quite a show with twirling, leaping, and a little prancing.  I'm sure his Daddy is proud ;)  I'm just kidding--if our little boy wants to dance, then he should dance his little heart out.  And my only guess is he either heard about ballet at school or by watching Olivia on Nick Jr.  Either way, we had lots of fun dancing ballet for the rest of the evening.  

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Jessica said...

fun pictures!
they made me smile =)

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