January 12, 2013

Etsy Finds: Signs

I like to support small shops, and I really enjoy browsing Etsy.  When I find something I just adore, I  tell you about it just in case you might want to buy one too.

For my birthday, I told my husband I wanted these two signs:

I've always loved the Family Rules signs, but I was particular about what I wanted mine to say.  I knew I wanted it to mention praying, and I definitely wanted it to sound positive and inspirational.  It even says "have patience," so I knew this one was perfect for my home.

I was absolutely delighted when I found the other sign in the same shop.  I blogged about Ryan saying grace.  I wanted to make a printout of this prayer, but this sign was so much better.  The shop owner even lets you customize whether it is worded friends or family.

I was able to choose the colors on both signs so they match the rooms perfectly.  You can buy them at Patti's Primitives.  My signs were the exact colors and specifications I asked for.  She was pretty quick, especially considering they are handmade.

I was not compensated for this post at all.  I bought these with my own money.  Patti doesn't know I've posted this.  I just wanted to share because I love them so much.


Anonymous said...

I love the signs! :)

Julie, Wife of a Soldier said...

Those are really nice!

Jenifer Parris said...

Love these!! Thanks for sharing!

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