January 9, 2013

Follow Your Own Advice

Yesterday I posted this.  Yes, a post all about how to get the morning started right, and then I ignored ALL of it.  Yesterday morning I sat around in my pjs all morning long, and I certainly didn't put on makeup.  Heck, I didn't even comb my hair.  I didn't dress the kids.  We honestly were having a very lazy and unmotivated day.

And wouldn't you know that was the day my husband chose to spring a dinner guest on me.  Thankfully by the time hubby texted me in the middle of the afternoon to let me know about our company, I had already popped dinner into the crockpot.  That was about all I had done all day.  So not only was I unprepared personally, the house was a pit of papers and dog hair.

From the time of the text until dinner time we raced around cleaning and finishing cooking.  I kept thinking that if I had taken my own advice that morning my day would have resulted in a much different afternoon.  It certainly would have been easier and more organized.

So today?  You better believe that I laid out the boys clothes last night.  I have put on my clothes, combed my hair, and made myself ready to face the day.  The boys have their bagels.  The curtains are open and coffee has been drank.  I have learned my lesson and am making the changes.  Maybe I'll become a morning person...or maybe not.  Either way though, I am ready for today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We're having a pajama day around here and so far, it has been fabulous! :)

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