January 14, 2013

7 Months Old

Another month gone by.  Leah is already 7 months old.  She's started eating solid food, well by solid I mean pureed veggies and banana.  We're just starting the fruits now.  She liked the orange veggies but green not so much.
Baby girl has two teeth and really seems to be working on the top two.  I say that now, but who knows when they'll actually cut.  She seems to teeth for VERY long periods of time before the teeth show up.
Leah loves jumping, rolling, playing with her little kitchen, and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. She always smiles for her older brother Ryan, and Sean is constantly trying to snuggle her.
 Leah has perfected her serious stare, and that is the look she gives most people.  Most people haven't seen her real personality that she shows us on a daily basis.
She seems to be quite a mixture of sweet and mischievous.  Her smile is just so precious and genuine.  She doesn't show it too often, so you know she means it when you see it.
Whether I think it's a good thing or not, she's still my cuddle bug sleeping in my bed.  She feels comforted to reach out and touch my arm or face and goes right back to sleep.  I'm sure we're creating bad habits.  The other morning she rolled over and kissed me.  Some may have called it eating my face, but I like to think of it as a kiss.
My baby girl is growing so fast.  We've hit the period where babies start to really change and evolve.  As I always say, it makes me sad to see her grow up so fast, but I love all the new phases and experiences we go through.  


Jenn said...

Molly likes to grab my face and eat it too. I call them kisses! I'm always sure to thank her for them too in hopes that one day they will evolve (from teeth to lips lol). She's getting so big!!

Jenifer Parris said...

My little girl is 7 months too! It goes by sooooo fast!! :-(

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