January 22, 2013

Paper Heart Garland

It has been a while since I attempted a craft, and recently I've felt inspired to try some things.  Today I created a paper heart garland that was super easy.

Here is what I used:
Baker's Twine from Target dollar bin//12 pack of Doilies//12 paper hearts cut with a punch//Tape not shown
First I used my tape runner to tape the colored paper hearts onto the doilies.
Next I ran the bakers twine through the holes in the doilies.
 Continue until all doilies are strung on the twine and spaced how you want them.
Flip over the hearts and apply tape to the doilies and twine so they will stay in place on your garland.
When you have taped each heart you can hang your garland and enjoy the lovely paper hearts.
See, I told you it was easy.  I love the festive look it gives for Valentine's day.    


Jenn said...

So so cute! I love it!

Mommy Mandy said...

This is so cute! Definitely something I could do with my girls...thanks!

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