January 19, 2013

It's Only Kindergarten, Right?

Whew, it's been a busy week.  Wednesday night I had a Kindergarten orientation for Ryan's school next year.

First, I cannot believe my little boy will be in Kindergarten next year.  And as I was looking around the elementary school, it makes me feel like he's so old now.

Second, I kind of hate that it is full day kindergarten here.  One thing I was looking forward to up here in MA was that it would be half-day kindergarten.  But no, our city changed to full day for everyone last year.  I know that some people really want full day, but to me it seems like a very long day for 5 year old.  Plus I'm not used to having him away from me for that long, especially not 5 days a week.  

Third, it is so intimidating knowing what is expected of kindergartners.  When I went to kindergarten it was a very social and play based curriculum.  These days there are very high expectations on the children.

Lastly, I'm just sad that we're starting "real" school.  My boy will take a bus.  He'll be gone all day.  He'll come home with homework.  Gone are the lazy days spent in pjs.  Our days of freedom are limited.

I know it will be an adjustment.  I know that I need to put on the strong face for Ryan.  I hope and pray that he will like it.  He loves his school this year, so I hope that continues to the new school.  But if I'm being truly honest, I'm kind of dreading it and really sad.  Now maybe those feelings will change once we start school.  I know getting things done with two kids in tow is a lot easier than with all three.  Maybe I'll enjoy having a little break.  I don't know.  But If I could slow time down right now, I probably would.

Did anyone else have some major freak-outs before sending your first child to kindergarten?    

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The Fischer Family said...

I didn't have a hard time sending Brig to K but she was in a small private school and we knew the teacher really well. I cried a little when I dropped her off but other than that I was fine. She was in all day and we loved it!! With Jonah I had some more anxiety but I felt like he was gonna have a harder time and he has. He is in half day and it's been best for him!

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