July 31, 2012

Ten Random Facts About Me

1.  I've realized that I only like M&Ms when they are frozen.  Sure I can still eat them at room temperature, but they taste so much better cold.

2.  I took tap, jazz, and ballet lessons for years.  I also took piano lessons when I was growing up.  Unfortunately I have no talent in the performing arts.

3.  My husband calls me "Monkey Toes" because not only do I find it comfortable to sit with my toes intertwined, but I am also very efficient at using my feet to pick things up.  My big toes almost function as thumbs.

4.  I desperately need a pedicure as evident in the above photo.  

5.  As much as I HATE trying to sell a house and think it is stressful to buy one too, I sometimes think I want to be a realtor when my kids get a little bit older.  

6.  I have three tattoos, and at one point I had my tongue pierced.  I went through a bit of a wild phase I guess you could say.  

7.  I cried as I walked down the aisle on my wedding day because I knew I'd have to move to Oklahoma.  There's nothing wrong with Oklahoma, but I was not so excited about moving away from all my family.  

8.  I'm not a cute crier, and my wedding photos prove that.  

9.  Fall is my favorite season.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  

10.  I majored in Marketing in college and really haven't used it since the day I graduated.  


Anonymous said...

I would have never pegged you as one with a tongue piercing! Haha.


KERRY said...

I love M&M's cold too!!
And I thought it was cute how you said you cried on your wedding day but not for the obvious reasons lol but because you had to move!
Funny :)

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