July 19, 2012

Dealing With Stress

The past few days I've had an increasing stress level going on.

*Pat has some medical stuff that is causing a bit of stress.

*Trying to sell our house is causing a boat load of stress.  The market is over saturated with homes to be sold.  We're starting to worry that our house will not sell in time to move up north together, and originally I was planning to move before Pat.  Now it could mean I'm stuck here after Pat moves.  The whole ordeal of selling a home is one headache after another.

*Sometimes having three children all needing something from you at once can cause stress too.  It usually happens that I'll be holding a baby that wants to eat, wiping someone's bum, and trying to get a drink or snack for the third child.  And keeping up with three children and trying to maintain a clean home ready to show is next to impossible.

The other night after I had fed the boys dinner and while Pat was working late, I was feeling tired and overwhelmed.  That's when Leah smiled at me.  You saw in the photo from yesterday that she's working on smiling.  She mostly only smiles at Pat.  But the other night that smile she gave me was all that I needed to let go of the stress.  It brought me right back to the present moment and reminded me what life is really about.  


It's amazing that the little smiles, giggles, kisses, and hugs from my children is the best stress reliever out there.  Something I struggle with is letting go of the worry and enjoying life.  I need to stop thinking about the future so much and really live in the present.  These days pass too quickly.  I need to just let go of my stress and fears and let things fall into place while I am living in the moment.  

Hopefully my children will continue giving me the sweet reminders of what is really important.

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