July 23, 2012

Weekend Fail

We had a pre-scheduled showing this weekend for our house.  I know not to get my hopes up for these, but I feel like each showing is important because it could be the one.  Unfortunately more times than not it isn't the one.  We had the house top notch clean.  We even put out fresh flowers.  The people didn't take the info sheet for our home so we had a feeling that it was a bust.  We're a bit discouraged at this point.  

I was hoping that Sunday would be a relaxing day after all the busy cleaning we did on Saturday morning.  But instead this was my view early Sunday  morning.  
Saturday night as I put the kids to bed I noticed my arm was itching a bit.  Upon closer inspection I saw it had a little rash on it.  I put on long sleeves and went to bed.  When I got up yesterday morning, the rash had spread--both arms, my face, abdomen, back, and starting on my legs.  I went into urgent care.  They didn't tell me what it was, but they did give me some drugs.  

Hopefully my rash continues to go away and no one else breaks out with it.  I feel like I need another weekend.  Maybe next weekend will be a bit more relaxing, and maybe next weekend "the one" will come look at my house too.  I am full of optimism.   


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I am sorry - so frustrating. We went through the same thing with our house in NC. After about 6 months, we spoke with a property management company about renting out our house...BEST decision we made. It was on the rental market for only FOUR days, the rent was $300 over our mortgage payment, and after our first tenants moved out, we had new tenants sign a 2-year lease. Is keeping the house as an investment property?

And that stinks about the rash, I hope you feel better!


Nicole said...

How incredibly frustrating! Selling our house when we eventually PCS from Campbell is one of my biggest fears! The market is so large here I am worried how to make our house stand out from the rest! At first we thought we would just keep the house and use it as an investment property but now we aren't too sure we want that responsibility! I hope it sells soon for you!

Nicole said...

We just bought our house, so we were on the other end...and I promise it's just as frustrating at the other end!

Hope the rash gets better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Michelle! That is such a bummer, but you have the right attitude. It only takes one person to fall in love with your house (too bad you never know which one).

Hope your rash goes away!

Anonymous said...

good luck with your house. I remember when we sold ours, the hardest part was keeping it so clean!! It had to look almost like no one lived there...eventually you'll sell it..good luck!!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
hope you have an uneventful rat of the week!!

Samantha☆ said...

Good Luck with the house.. I hope the rash goes away soon. BTW, I am a new follower. Love the blog and can't wait to read more. Would love a follow back


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