July 25, 2012

Stop And Smell The Roses

Today I went ahead and did something I never thought I'd have the courage to do on this blog.  I did a vlog.  I really wanted to link up with Mandy at House of Rose.  She hosts a bi-weekly vlog meme where you share something that makes you happy or you are thankful for.  I've loved watching the other ladies share on their blogs, so I took a leap and did it too.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Go check out all the videos and link one up yourself ;)


Amanda Anderson said...

Great job on your first vlog, Shelly! Especially as you're holding your precious baby the entire time! High five!

Good luck with the sale of your house, I'm sending positive vibes your way! :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Good for you! It was great to hear your voice; it has been years. Great job!

Jen said...

What a fabulous multi-tasker you are!!! And you did GREAT with your first vlog!! I hope you link up with us again in 2 weeks!!

Kenzie said...

Your baby girl is PRECIOUS! She looks so tiny and I just want to snuggle her!!! :)

I was totally a nervous wreck the first time I filmed a vlog, but now, even though I am by no means professional, I do it like nobody's business! It's so much fun to put a face with a voice, so I'm glad you linked up!

See you again soon, I hope!



Mandy Rose said...

SHELLY!! So nice to meet you! Love that you included your sweet baby girl! You did awesome behind the camera! We had to go through the home selling thing about 2.5 yrs ago so I totally feel ya! I am glad your hubby is helping keep you sane! Hang in there and I'll pray it sells soon!

KERRY said...

Love love love your accent!! Cute video, you're very pretty btw :)

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