April 22, 2011

Yesterday was a FAIL

On the way to drop Ryan off at school I noticed he was coughing a bit and had a runny nose.  I had kept him home from school on Tuesday because he had a touch of a stomach bug.  Yesterday was the Easter party at school, and I didn't want him to miss it.

When I went to pick him up from school, I noticed he wasn't in the classroom.  The teacher told me he wasn't feeling well and just started to cry, so they sent him to the office.  I rushed to the office where I found out they had my old cell phone number.  (I've had my current number for over a year now.)

I felt AWFUL.  My poor boy had tears in his eyes.  I took him right to the car.  When I went to buckle him in, I asked why he was so upset and if it was because he wasn't feeling well.  His answer: "John took my big, giant T-Rex."  You see, Ryan seems to have issues with John.  Everyday Ryan comes home from school complaining about something John did.  He says John is bad, but I have the feeling it's more along the lines of Ryan doesn't want to share with John and then gets mad/sad when John plays with the same toy.

So while I feel horrible about this whole incident, I am trying to make myself feel a bit better that they only called at 11:24 a.m. and I picked him up at 11:50.  It would have taken me about as long to get from my house to the school if I had been home to receive the call.  And I feel a little less bad knowing that he wasn't solely crying because he didn't feel well.

So the day continued down hill.  Remember me mentioning how we have some very generous people sending some supplies for the single Soldiers?  Well, the other day they e-mailed me saying that they had overnighted two boxes and the other three would be here on Monday.  I thought this was great.  The first flight was arriving yesterday evening.  I was pretty sure it would all work out.  Well, when I checked the flight status yesterday morning, I saw the flight was supposed to arrive in 3 hours earlier than originally planned.  This was going to cut it close, but it would still be doable.

Except, the overnight delivery never came.  At 3 p.m. I decided I couldn't wait any longer.  The flight was getting in at 6 p.m.  I took the kids and began running around trying to buy supplies.  I got all the necessary items and headed to the battalion.  I was the crazy woman in the parking lot sorting though toiletries and snacks, making a giant mess around her car, and fighting with the stapler.  Thankfully it was only about 13 bags needed for that flight.  I didn't realize it would be such hard work sorting the stuff into bags.  And do you realize how much all the basics cost when you do it 13 times?  Now I am just hoping and crossing my fingers that those boxes arrive tomorrow, or else I'm going to go broke on travel size toiletries.

And to top it off, Pat has some stuff going on that could affect his homecoming.  He has very limited communication, so I'm not sure what is going to happen.  He said he'd call yesterday "come hell or high water", and yet no phone call ever came.

I hope today is a much better day.  Happy Friday!!!!  I hope you all enjoy a great weekend.  Mine is looking pretty nice with a haircut and pedicure planned.

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Jill said...

Hope today is better for you!!!

Christina said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Your son will end up teasing you about this to no end if you let him. I once was at Ft. Sill and had to run real quick to the Commissary. I forgot my son was two doors down at my neighbors and when I got to the commissary I totally freaked out and called her and she laughed and said "you forgot your son." He is 18 now and he loves to tell this story, especially to his friends in front of me. He says "remember mom when you forgot me at Lori's and I was only 4 years old?" His friends and him laugh hysterically at this one all the time.

Christina said...

PS these memories turn into some of the best one's. yes you can believe it!

Jessica said...

I am a bit behind on reading blogs...
bless your heart! I hope things have settled down for you!

AnNaRicHiE said...

I am so sorry about this.The stomach bug is awful! Hope you feel good by now ! it has been a week!and now it is Friday.
It is not always tough times,cheer up!

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