April 6, 2011

Wallets, Sandals, and Shopping

I'm in a self indulgent kind of mood, but rather than actually spending the money I'm blogging about the things I am lusting after right now.

Recently I have had the desire for a new Coach wallet.  I refuse to spend the money on a Coach handbag, but for some reason I think spending an absurd amount of money on the wallet is just fine.  I guess I love the idea of something expensive holding my money and keeping it safe.  Plus I get all warm and fuzzy when pulling it out at the checkout at Walmart ;)  There are two wallets that I am currently in love with, but if I truly intend to buy, I'd have to check out the PX (no tax and all).
Here are the two I love:

Kristin Leather Checkbook Wallet--I am totally drawn to this pink one, and I am NOT usually a pink type of girl.  It also come in yellow or mushroom which I like as well.  And now that I'm looking again, I'm torn b/w the pink or yellow one.  Since I have no plans on buying one of these leather beauties anytime soon I have time to make up my mind.  

Madison Dotted Op Art Checkbook Wallet--I love this one in the Khaki color with the pink interior.  (What is it with me and pink right now?)  I like the light color being a contrast to my current black wallet because I always like to change things up.  The body of this wallet is fabric and leather, and I do worry about the fabric getting dirty though.  

The other thing that is on my wish list and I will be purchasing soon is sandals.  I prefer cheap ones.  And they MUST be comfortable.  I usually am a flip flop girl, but like I said in my other post, I'm trying to dress up a bit more and find femininity.  I have quite a few casual dresses for the summer, some that are dressed down with a tank underneath and others that are slightly less dressed down.  Has anyone seen any cute, cheap, and comfortable sandals anywhere--flats, wedges, flip flop style, it doesn't matter?  Where did your favorite sandals come from?

The last thing I want to share is a shopping experience with you.  A few weeks ago I purchased a bathing suit from Land's End Canvas.  Land's End Canvas is a division of the original Land's End but focused at a modern lifestyle, and the clothes have a closer to the body fit and clean lines.  I had never shopped there before, and to be honest, I felt like the prices were pretty high.  I liked the casual, practical styles though.  I was just browsing through the sale pages and saw lots of great bathing suits for pretty cheap.  I had fallen in love with one color a while back when browsing, so this time at the site I decided to purchase it.  I spent $30 (including shipping) and got a really cute tankini.  I tried it on, and it is both a great quality and a nice fit.  I was pretty pleased with my purchase.  But the real thing I wanted to share was that about a week and a half after my purchase arrived I received a HANDWRITTEN thank you note from Land's End for my purchase.  I thought that was pretty cool that the company does that.  I've never received a handwritten thank you note from any other online shopping before.  But that wasn't all. About a week after the note, I receive a message on my answering machine thanking me for the purchase and saying that if I needed any help to call them.  Some might think this is overkill, but I appreciate the effort this company is putting in to customer service.  The note they sent says their items are 100% guaranteed--period!  So I do recommend checking them out even if only because of their customer service--plus they still have some really inexpensive bathing suits in the sale section!

And just for the record, I am not paid for any of my reviews or opinions.  I am not compensated, and if that ever changes I will be the first to let you know.  I just want to share my experience and thoughts with you.

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Lisa said...

Oooh, I need a new swimsuit this year, so thank you for the info.!!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree about the Coach purse thing. I refuse to spend that much (and it drives me crazy when I see all these people with multiple coach purses...that they never use). Those wallets are really cute though! I'll have to check out that store; I love the hand written note idea!

KAE said...

Marshalls and TJ Maxx have super cute sandals right now, quite a few that are flip flops, but they are dressed up a bit! I almost bought a pair the other day, but its still too cold here {sad face}.

Jenna said...

I love the Coach wallets! They're so cute! I have one that I bought at the Coach outlet and absolutely love! I <3 Coach!

Christina said...

I love pink so the first wallet is something I think is a totally good purchase. I also saw this awesome Coach backpack at the PX that was blue sequined and I thought it would be so cute to have on my almost daily walks to the Commissary, but even on sale it would of been $299. so no Coach backpack. I'm sure the wallet is much more reasonable.

As far as land's End is concerned I have never bought from them, but I think overkill is nice in this day and age. That means the company appreciates the purchase. At least that's my opinion.

As for Sandal's, it's cold and rainy here in WA and I haven't even thought of them yet, and all I have seen lately is rubber rain boots. I miss Hawaii, where you can buy sandals year round.

Stacie said...

Wow! I'm in dire need of a new swimsuit and they have some awesome (and inexpensive) ones. Thanks for the info! And ugh, I looove Coach stuff but dang it is really expensive.

Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

Love the pink wallet but I bet the yellow one is also beautiful. I say get them both. Which everone you dont like you can send my way. hehehe :)

AnNaRicHiE said...

Hello Shelly! I am the same,I just got myself a coach purse this year on my bday! and a wallet.But that was a big splurge.I want to share with you a wallet that you can put your checkbook,iphone and a lot of cards in it. I never bring my purse anymore whenever i go to groceries.www.thirtyone.com
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