April 5, 2011

Wedding Rings

I love my wedding ring.  I mean, really, who doesn't love their wedding ring?

Pat surprised me with the engagement ring, and we went together to pick out our wedding bands.  Pat was probably more picky about finding his wedding band than I was about mine.  (And his cost more than mine too!)  I knew that I did NOT want a wedding band that was a match to my engagement ring.  I know that probably puts me in the minority and is weird.  However, matching just isn't my personality, and secondly, I wanted something separate and special from my engagement ring.  I did not want it to be determined by what matched the other ring, but rather to be decided upon by "what spoke to me" as Pat says about finding jewelry.  I like having two distinct pieces because I feel like they stand out as separate and unique yet they still go well together.

Here is a photo of my wedding band and Pat's.  

And here are my rings together.  

There is one thing though about my ring that has bothered me for about 6.5 years now.  Both of my rings are a bit big for my finger, and are free to slide around.  I don't mind if they aren't straight, but I get annoyed that my wedding band usually slides completely around so that the pave set diamonds are facing in to my palm. People usually think my wedding band is just a solid band, which is fine, except it isn't.  

So I've been researching options.  I do NOT want to replace my wedding band.  It is the ring that Pat put on my finger while exchanging our vows, and that is important to me.  I decided today to go talk to the jeweler that we like in town.  They tried to put a ring guard on which would sort of clamp the rings together, but they didn't have one that would fit around the bands of both my rings together.  So the only options they left me with were: 1.  Have them soldered together or 2.  Use super glue to bind them together at the bottom, and if I don't like that I can use remover to separate them.  

Well, there is NO way I'm going to super glue anything important together.  I think that is just asking for a disaster.  Pat was originally against soldering them.  When I told him what our jeweler said, he is starting to come around.  I'm still undecided about it.  

Has anyone had their rings soldered?  

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Devon said...

You can't resize the rings?
My grandmother had her rings soldered, and it worked out fine.

Lisa said...

I had my rings soldered after many years of having them spin independently around my finger. I really like them being together now!

Stephanie said...

I had it done right after we were married because my OCD tendencies disliked having them spin differently. They've been together for almost 5 years, and I really like it. For me, it was about joining the engagement ring and courtship time to the wedding band and the promises that came with that.
They can un-solder it if you don't like it. The first time they did mine, the rings weren't lined up exactly and I had them fix it. I'm not sure how it changes the inside of the ring, but they can undo it should you not like it.

MrsMcDancer said...

I had mine soldered as soon as we were married because I couldn't get used to the bands moving all around. Overall I am happy with having them together although some days it would be nice to just be able to wear the wedding ring. I guess I want my cake and eat it too lol.

Christina said...

Maybe another jeweler would have an idea like Zales. They seem to be able to come up with this type of fix. I have the opposite problem. My knuckles swell then I have to wait for them to go down so I can pull my rings off. I never take them off anyway. I'm always thinking "OMG what if the diamond falls out!"

Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

I'm thinking it's your hubby you love so much not your rings. I bet when he is away you look at them all the time. :)
I would keep them just the way they are. eash was given to you on a different day with different meaning.
I love the simple band with the dimonds. I have a simular one but in gold.
PS i'm really not stocking you. Finally had time to read your old posts. :)

Peanut Stitches said...

I had the exact same problem and had them soldered together. I love them being together...kind of like it bound our pre-marriage and post-marriage lives together. I know that is corny, lol.

Bridget said...

Considering the fact that you have stones on one of the rings, you have to be very careful about the soldering. You don’t want to lose those rocks, after all! It would be better if you could have the rings resized, I think. You’d be able to save the gems that way.

~ Bridget Rossi

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