April 22, 2011

Would you believe it?

Would you believe it if I told you today was worse than yesterday?  Yes, I can honestly say today was way worse.

This morning I decided to look at our bank account online.  I do this regularly and am pretty strict about my record keeping and finances.  I was kind of dreading logging on and seeing all the purchases I made the day before to complete the packages for the single Soldiers.

Well, when I logged on I saw two strange charges right at the top.  At first I thought my husband must have been sweet and bought me a gift.  Then I googled the payee....I'm pretty sure my husband is not planning a trip to South America, so I don't know why we are paying for plane tickets there.  I was freaking out.

I called our bank, and they were great.  I'll admit right here, I was in tears while talking to them.  They had noticed the charges last night and put a hold on my account.  My card is now cancelled.  I was feeling embarrassed and ashamed.  I guess I always thought that for this to happen that you must have compromised your info by doing something unsafe.  I was so confused where I went wrong.  But as many people AND my bank explained, sometimes "secure" systems get hacked and bad people get your numbers.  My bank tells me that everything is taken care of, and my money will be returned with no issues.  They also say my other accounts should all be fine.  While it seems like it is taken care of, this is NOT how I wanted my morning to start.  (And now I'm afraid to pay for anything, I am really considering using cash more often.)

And I'll spare you the details of the other things that weren't so great today, but here is a quick rundown:
the shirts for the boys to wear to homecoming won't be produced in time so I canceled--let me just say I will NEVER order from CafePress.com ever again, I spent $200 on more toiletries today, my yellow cardigan for homecoming came and it reminds me more of a soft spring green than a yellow, and poor Ryan is still sick and we ended the night with a bloody nose that was kind of scary.  

I know my posts seem really negative lately.  I realize these things aren't really bad, well except for my debit card being hacked.  And even though some things are going wrong, some things are right.  As I was putting Ryan to bed he started an impromptu list of people he loves.  Sometimes he melts my heart.  Plus, I think it's really sweet that he includes both his teachers on the list too.

This deployment is almost done.  So no matter what Murphy keeps sending my way, the end is near.

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Poekitten said...

You can make it to the end! You're so close:) For custom shirts, try customink.com...I used them when I coached cheerleading and was very happy with the result.

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry these last couple of days have been so rough. I've had that bank card thing happen to me before, and I know it's scary! So glad your bank was so helpful.

You might not appreciate this at the moment, but I'll go ahead and share it anyway. When I've been struggling through days like yours, my mom would always tell me, "Lisa, this too shall pass. The bad days won't last forever, I promise." Sometimes it was really helpful, and sometimes it wasn't.

You're in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

Our Little Fam said...

I am so sorry today was worse then yesterday! You are doing great, keep up the great work!! You are such a sweet wife and mother, and I cant wait for your family to be back together! You are in my thoughts and I hope you have a better day tomorrow!!

Damsel said...

I'm so sorry you're having rough days! It does always seem like Murphy hits hard right at the end. Hope you got some good rest last night and that things look better this morning.

Crissy said...

WOW Yikes, I understand the pain I had this happen to me twice, once was a solider stealing our account info from my husband's unit, and the 2nd was someone at AAFES restaurant stealing my debit card number (like 6 years ago)

But I understand your pain.. have you tried zazzle? They are something similar to cafepress

Anonymous said...

It seems like you can'd do anything these days without people stealing. I've had my card compromised before. It sucks.

Jessica said...

Bless your heart Shelly! I am so very sorry this is all going on!
I hate to hear about your experience with cafepress. I have used them alot and have never had a problem, i just hate that for you guys!

and ugh about the bank acct. glad it is caught though and all being handled. I understand how you feel...we have been through it before. Easy to handle but still so stinking aggravating

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