April 16, 2011

Long and Lonely Day

Today felt like one of the longest days I've experienced in quite a while.  The photo above of Sammy kind of illustrates some of what today was like.  We were trapped in the house because of the cold, wet weather.  Morning started early today at 6:00 a.m.  I had nothing planned for me and the kids to do.  It was just one of those days when you are not in a good mood, but you don't have the option to hide under the blankets.

But on the good side, it was another lonely Saturday down.  Next weekend my in-laws are making a trip down to see the boys.  Normally I would be a bit stressed out having company so close to Pat's homecoming (they will not be here for the homecoming, they're just out for the weekend to see the boys over Easter), but this is an opportunity for me to get some things done, like my hair cut and maybe a pedicure.  It actually works out perfectly, and I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy a little break.

We're down to 3% to go!  I better start cleaning, and not because I think the house has to be spotless for Pat.  I just want to make it look like the toy box didn't explode in the living room and that the dishes aren't over flowing the sink ;)

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Jenna said...

Yay for 3% left and a mini-break! It won't be long and I will be reading your homecoming post!

I hope today is full of smiles and sunshine!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Stopping by from the Monday Military Blog Hop! My son saw the photo of your pug and once again reminded me that he wants one for his birthday or Christmas. =)

We don't like being trapped in the house either. We'd rather be outside all the time, but that's not so feasible in cold weather. I hope you'll have some nice, warm weather soon.

Stacie said...

3%....that is amazing! I always clean before my husband gets home too! I think it just gives me something to focus on so my mind isn't totally wired. It's good to hear the in-laws will be able to come and give you some "you time" to get a couple things done before your husband returns.

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