April 14, 2011

Nail Polish and Clothing

Yesterday morning I quickly read part of an interview with Jennifer Lopez at People.com.  You can see the article HERE.  She said that her daughter was a girly-girl and into clothes and having her toes painted.  She said her son asks for his toes to be painted too.  I didn't think twice about this.

But last night before going to bed I was checking my e-mail and came across an article on the yahoo homepage that caught my attention.  The article is "Hot pink-toenailed boy in J. Crew ad sparks controversy."  You can see that article HERE.  I wanted to read the article to see what the controversy was really all about.  To summarize for you, there is a section of the ad featuring products favored by the J. Crew president and creative director.  She says that her 5 year old son's favorite color is pink and that painting toes in bright colors is way more fun.  There is a photo of her with her son painting his toes pink.  I'll add in my opinion right here that they both look happy and like they are enjoying themselves.  One of the critics has gone so far as to say that the J. Crew president should be putting money aside for psychotherapy for her child.  REALLY?  Are we that afraid of self expression?  Why do we push gender roles so hard, even to children?  And I have to say in my opinion critics of this seem to have some homophobia issues to work through.  I'll admit being the mom of two boys, I've found myself pressured by social norms to try to lead my boys to the typical blues, sports, and action figures.  But at the end of the day, if my boys really want to play with dolls or have their toenails painted, what is the harm?  I just want my children to be happy.

The article then becomes politically focused trying to claim that since Michelle Obama is a fan of J. Crew, the little boy with pink toes is being used to forward a political cause.  Again, I disagree.

I want to give the mother (and J. Crew president) credit for letting her little boy be himself and enjoy life no matter what other people think.  Sure, if you don't want your little boy running around with pink toes, don't paint them, but please let's stop judging others and trying to fit everything into neat little categories.

I never would have thought people would have such strong reactions to a photo like this.   

Okay, I'll step off my soapbox there, and now I'll talk about clothing.  After reading the article above, I headed over to J. Crew's website.  Checking out the sale category, I scored a dress for $17 (plus shipping).  Have to love that kind of price.

But that brings me to one more dress question.  I've planned out my homecoming outfit for a while now. I have a dress that I plan to wear and some wedges that match.  I'm afraid of being too dressed up.  I've seen lots of photos of people just wearing jeans and a t-shirt at the recent homecomings.  I want to feel pretty, and I think a dress would help me feel that way.  So do I just go with what I want even if I'm over dressed compared to the crowd?  Or should I look for something else?  Anyone else wear dresses for homecoming?

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Damsel said...

You are right on the money about the J. Crew ad.

As for the homecoming outfit, he'll only have eyes for YOU! Wear what makes you feel pretty and forget about the rest of the crowd. He won't be comparing you to them, and everyone else will be focused on their loved ones, too. Just do what makes you happy!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for dresses at homecomings! Wear something that makes you feel good and pretty.

Jillian said...

I can't believe people got their panties in a twist over this little boy with pink toes. It pains me to see this used as a political ploy. Just let the children be children!

For the homecoming, I think a dress and wedges sound perfect! Whatever makes you feel pretty!

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with your stance on the J.Crew (silly) controversy.

I wore a dress to our first homecoming and pants to the second because it was 20 degrees outside.

I think you will look ridiculously cute with a dress and wedges to pick up your soldier. Go for it!


Christina said...

I know, psychotherapy, that's so overkill.
Glad to hear about the good deal though. I am going to check out JCrew. I guess I am not worried about he pink nail polish either.

Dana @ WhatWereWeThinking? said...

Ugh...the non-controversy controversy. People need to get over themselves.

About the Homecoming - if you want to wear a dress WEAR A DRESS!! This will be the first time your husband has seen you in what feels like forever, so doll yourself up!

Dr. Army Wife said...

The J.Crew thing is ridiculous. As if letting your child have pink toenails will somehow change their sexuality or sexual identity? And why do people have such a hard time accepting others for who they are?

Monica said...

Completely agree with you about the ad. People read way too much into things sometimes. Just let kids be kids, however that might be.

And I think you should wear a dress to your homecoming! Don't worry about what anyone else is wearing. Wear whatever will make you feel pretty. I plan on wearing a dress to mine eventually.

Anonymous said...

I saw a post about the J Crew ad yesterday and read the article. I am with you all the way. I am shocked that there is so much controversy over this. Seriously these people have got to have better things to do than to judge other people. You would think so anyways.

Oh and I Love M&Ms with popcorn!

Jessica said...

way behind on reading blogs...

i agree with you about the ad/article

and I say go for the dress! =)

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