April 21, 2011

I'm a Winner and Shopping

These past couple weeks I've been pretty lucky on the blogs.  I've won 3 different giveaways in about two weeks.  I want to tell you the cool things I won and give a shout-out to the awesome bloggers who hosted the giveaways.

  • First I won a blog makeover from Crafty Hippo Designs.   I've already posted all about it HERE, and if you are at my blog now you can obviously see my awesome new design.  
  • The second giveaway I won was a Shabby Apple dress from Beautiful Living.  I cannot wait for my dress to arrive.  I haven't mentioned it yet, but my homecoming dress is from Shabby Apple too.  I just adore their dresses.  You need to check out Kim's blog.  I'm so glad I found it; it's so full of inspiration.  To give a quick idea of what "Beautiful Living" is this is a how Kim defines it, "it is about enjoying life, slowing down to appreciate those little moments and embracing whatever life has to offer."
  • The last giveaway I won was from Lisa at The Army Chaplain's Wife.  I'm really excited about this one.  I won the MarsEdit App for Mac users.  This app makes it possible for me to completely compose a blog post (pictures and all) without being connected to the internet.  Then I can easily publish when I get back online.  I'm going to get a lot of use out of this App while we are away on block leave.  I can compose posts on our long drives in the car then on a coffee stop I can publish them. 
I guess I was having a lucky streak!  I highly recommend you check out all those blogs because they are great.

And on the next topic, I mentioned yesterday how I had been doing a lot of shopping.  Want to see some of my splurges and scores?  
J.Crew Dress--I consider it a score at less than $25 shipped (thank you coupon code)
And it's a light dress prefect for summer weather.

Black Tourmaline Flat Iron from Sephora--a splurge for me.  
I don't straighten my hair often, but since I have curly hair a flat iron is needed sometimes. 
I've had really annoying curly fly-aways lately and have been wanting a little flat iron to try to work them out.  
Plus my current flat iron is huge and old and yanks my hair.  

Not one, but two pairs of flip flops from L.L. Bean.  
I was looking for dressier sandals, but I couldn't find any comfortable ones.  
Deep down, I think I'm just a regular, casual flip flop girl.  
And I still think I can get away with them in some sun dresses.  

Sandals from Lands End Canvas--I think these are a score at less than $20 shipped. 
The reviews are mixed, so I'll have to wait until they arrive.  
But with the flip flops from L. L Bean I was worried that I'd need a slightly more dressy pair of shoes for some dresses.  Even if these aren't the best, I'm sure they can work the few times I need a more classy sandal.  

Cargo Shorts from Old Navy.  I've been wanting to find these in a store to try them on, but could never find them.  They're finally on sale and I had an extra 20% off, so I would say it's a score. 
There is the possibility that these look horrible on, but they should be comfortable for chasing the boys around the parks.  I couldn't resist buying these when I bought the cardigan for homecoming.  

See, I told you I've been shopping uncontrollably lately.  I think I've finally checked everything off my to buy list.  Hopefully I can step away from the online shopping now.  

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Since you mentioned Lands End Canvas, I'm always looking there (I had never heard of it before, though I've looked at Lands End). I really like their stuff. It seems comfortable and still feminine.

Beth said...

I LOVE LL Bean flops...which reminds me, I haven't bought my annual summer pair or two. And congrats on the lucky streak. Awesome.

Our Little Fam said...

wooot! how fun! love the dress too!! Cant wait for you to be reunited with your honey!!

AnNaRicHiE said...

Hi there Momma! I love the dress! And you are inspiring me with this coupon code and giveaways! Good job ! the price of the dress is awesome!
Hey,do you know where I can get a good quality swimsuits? I always get from target,and it never last.thanks!

MrsMcDancer said...

What a winning streak, maybe you should buy a lotto ticket! ;-) Love the new look.

Jessica said...

yay for all the giveaway wins!

I love shabby apple!

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