April 2, 2011

Positives Outweigh The Negatives

I'm a firm believe that on most bad days the positives still outweigh the negatives.  I feel like often times life is what you make of it.  Today was one of those days where I have to look to the positive through the negative.

+  It was a beautiful day outside finally, and we got to spend some wonderful time outside.

-  Went grocery shopping this morning and forgot all the important things I've run out of like aluminum foil, snack baggies, and there is something else that I just cannot remember right now.  I really should write my lists down.

+  I heard from Pat today.

-  The phone disconnected while I was talking to him, and he didn't get to call back.

+  Both boys took good naps today which gave me time to myself.

+  Ryan was a good boy, and we had lots of fun today.

-  Sean is teething getting his molars in at a really slow rate, and he seems to be in quite a bit of pain.

-  Ants have invaded my bathroom.  I'm glad that they are pretty contained to just one room, and it's a miracle that it's not my kitchen where there is food, or the living room that has crumbs from the kids eating snacks.  I hate ants though.  I'll be making a call to our pest control on Monday!

-  While playing outside this evening, Sean started SCREAMING.  I saw what looked like a bee fly off his finger and knew he had been stung.  He popped his finger in his mouth and was crying.  I grabbed him, and we all ran in.  His poor little finger is all swollen.  I feel awful for him.  (but a little + to this one is we got Sonic milkshakes to make him feel better).

+  It is FINALLY April!!!  Time seems to be moving pretty quickly right now, and I have lots going on to keep me busy.  Before I know it my husband will be home.

+  I have nothing planned for tonight and looking at my TV guide I see "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" is on.  At least that should help pass the night.  (Don't judge me, when you are as lonely as I am, a chick flick can make things better)

In the end, it was more positive than negative, and it's another day done.  I have some pictures from today that I'll try to post later.  I hope it was a really positive day for you!

P.S. I've realized that when you click "Older" to see my older post pages an error message comes up.  I'm working on getting that fixed.  Sorry!  If you want to see older posts you can use my blog archive on the right sidebar.


Erin said...

I find myself having to come to this approach on many days. No day goes all the way smoothly. And,I love the Sisterhood movies...what channel is it on??

PalouseMom said...

I've often thought this but don't know that I've ever actually made a list. I bet there are many days that would have had a better ending if I did this exercise!

Christina said...

Great list and I'[m glad you ended up with more positives then negative. I think the Sonic milkshakes was a great idea to help ease your little guys pain. What could be better then a milkshake, especially to a little boy.

Hope you found your chick flick.

Jessica said...

I definetly try to find the positives in all the negatives. this was a great list =)

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