February 1, 2011

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

I love making easy crafts.  One of the things that is important to me in selecting a project is finding one that doesn't need too many items in order to complete it, and it is a bonus if I already have the items for the project on hand.  While browsing through different crafting projects on the internet, I came across one that gave me the idea for this craft.  Unfortunately I lost the page right after I glanced at it.  However, the craft was very similar to the headband/flower pin I made from Little Miss Momma's tutorial that I posted about HERE.  (There is a link to LMM's tutorial in my previous post.)

For this craft you just need a coat hanger, glue gun, and some colored tissue paper.  (I used about 3.5 sheets of tissue paper I had from a Victoria's Secret shopping trip.)

For me the hardest part of this craft was bending a wire coat hanger into a heart shape.  I kept the hook to hang it with.

Then you start applying squares of tissue paper in the same manner you did for the headband pom poms.

Continue gluing the tissue paper all around the heart shaped hanger until it is all filled in.
And there you have it!

See, I told you it would be easy.  My kind of crafts are the ones that just need a glue gun!  Super easy, super cute, and I didn't have to buy a thing.

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