February 8, 2011

Buyers Remorse

I don't really enjoy spending money.  In fact, it makes me rather anxious.  Plus there is the fact that Pat and I are saving for a new car, a new laptop, and our block leave vacation just to name a few really big and expensive things.

Yesterday I had my eye doctor appointment and was even able to get over to the optical center on post before I had to get the kids from daycare.  I knew they were very expensive there, but I had seen a lot of glasses that looked promising for being "the pair".

The few pairs that caught my eye in the other days I had stopped in the store just weren't right for me.  The pairs with the wide sides, which seem to be in style right now, just look and feel kind of silly on me.  I wish I could pull off something that is trendy, but I think I'm just more classic. So I wasn't left with too many options that actually looked good, but there was one pair that was perfect.  I knew they were expensive, but I liked them, I'll wear them most of the time, and they solved my black/brown dilemma on frame color.

All that said though, as I was paying for my new glasses that cost a LARGE fortune, I couldn't help but second guess the purchase entirely.  Do I really need new frames?  Should I really spend this much money on them?  Can't I find cute cheap ones?

In the end, I'm justifying it with the following thoughts:  I wear the glasses most of the time.  I want a pair that makes me feel good and confident.  I want them to look nice.  They'll last a few years.

Oh and in case you were wondering, these are the glasses I bought.

Do you ever have buyers remorse?  Ever have it over something as silly as eyeglasses?


Peanut Stitches said...

Those look great!! And, Kate Spade too?? Now you HAVE to buy a matching Kate Spade bag...you know, to balance it out!

Shelly, you take care of the boys and never treat yourself. Enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

I really like those frames! AND I know exactly what you mean about spending money. I think I am a little extreme when it comes to saving, but I have really high goals that I think make it worth it in the long run. I also have an eye exam on Thursday, and I am dreading the money I'll end up dropping on new contacts/glasses. I think in a year or so I'll end up getting lasik, because that will probably save me money in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I really like those new glasses. Very chic!

Poekitten said...

I HATE needing new glasses cause I can never find frames I like that don't cost a ridiculous amount of money! Glad you were able to find some...they're cute!

Julie said...

Those are cute :)

I actually just bought some from the same place. As I was buying I thought about how I didn't shop around and probably should have. But I did really like them. I just started wearing contacts again but like a good pair of glasses for those days I don't want to put them in.

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