February 20, 2011

Wonderful Sunday

Today was a great day at my house.  

The morning started out enjoying some fresh air with our friends that were down visiting.  The boys all loved running around and playing. 

After our company left, Sean took a much needed nap.  I had promised to take Ryan out to buy a toy because he had been such a good boy for a while.  When Sean woke up, we headed out to Target.  As we were entering the store, Ryan said he wanted to find Pig and Spaceman.  
Picture from Toys R Us
You see, when a Fisher Price catalog comes to my home, Ryan carries the "magazine", as he calls it, around for days (perhaps even weeks).  He brings it with him in the car, or to the table at dinner time.  He studies it and usually finds one particular toy that interests him.  I knew he had been interested in the pig toy, but I didn't think that was what he wanted to pick out for his new toy when given a whole store to choose from.  Sure enough though, he was very certain he wanted that pig.  I didn't think target had it, but we looked anyway.
Target did not have it, and Ryan did not want to settle for anything else.  I told him we could look at another store,  or we could have the mailman bring him the pig.  I knew the whole mailman bringing it would not fly because he wanted it NOW.  (I don't think a 3 year old understands the waiting part of online shopping.)

We stopped at Toys R Us next, and when I finally found a section of Toy Story toys, the pig wasn't there either.  I was getting worried on how I'd solve this situation without Ryan getting upset.  I had the item number from the web on my phone, so I told Ryan we'd ask.  Thankfully they did have it.  They led us to the correct aisle and handed Ryan his new toy.  I told him I was happy they had his pig there, and he said he was too.  It really was a cute moment to see such a big smile on his face.  (and all because of a $15 pig!) 

We headed home, enjoyed some lunch, and got ready for nap time.  Sean didn't take his nap; he's kind of off schedule after having company.  Sean and I enjoyed swinging out back for a while in the gorgeous weather.
But the best thing about today was that the boys ended up being in great moods.  I was smothered in kisses, hugs, and them blowing raspberries on me (If you could only see Sean doing this!  Often times he blows the berries before he puts his mouth on you and then just drools on you, but it is so worth it!).  I think I could feel my heart swell from all the love they were showing me.  At the end of the night, I told Ryan that I had a lot of fun with him today to which he replied, "I had a lot of fun with you today too, Momma."  And he gave me a big hug.  Days like this remind me why I want to spend every minute possible with my boys before they grow up and don't want to play with their Momma anymore!  


Anonymous said...

I miss days like that with my daughter. She is 12 now & although occassionally she cuts me a break, most days she would rather hang out with her friends than her momma. Makes me sad. Enjoy all the moments you can while they are little.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day! I love days when everyone is in a good mood and it's so easy to focus on being happy and thankful. The pig is cute too!

Marah said...

new follower. i'd love for you to stop by my blog and follow back! :)


Jessica said...

definetly sounds like a great day =)

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