February 9, 2011

Nintendo Style

I'm probably going to date myself with this post, but who remembers the original Nintendo?  Do you remember blowing into the cartridges before starting the system so that they'd work?  If not, you totally missed that memo in your childhood.

Well, I'm basically reliving those years with the power cord for my macbook.  It started giving me problems a few weeks ago.  It's kind of a chicken or the egg debate on whether it started giving me problems before or after my youngest son, Sean, started chewing on the end of it.  Although I'm pretty sure the chewing was a large factor in the problem.

I'm desperate to get the computer to charge.  I've tried blowing on the piece that connects to the computer.  What good will that do, I'm not sure.  I've found that I can get it to start charging if I hold the cord just so.  I've had the cord strung around the cabinets, wedged an aquaphor bottle into the cord and computer, ran the cord around the seasoned salt bottle, etc.  Thankfully, these crazy tactics are working for the time being, but I'm not sure how much longer it will cooperate.

Also remember there is a post a few weeks back about how my internal hard drive is also dying on me.

Obviously it's getting time to think about buying a new laptop.  As you saw in my last post, I'm saving for one at the end of the deployment.  I really would like the computer to survive until my hubby gets home though.  The computer is not the top priority on the savings list.  I would rather purchase the more important things before the computer (like the new car).  Plus there is the fact that I would be so confused and getting all my documents onto the new computer from my backup.

If you don't mind, cross your fingers that my Nintendo style blowing and all the cord wrapping will get me through the next 23% of the deployment.


Poekitten said...

I was a master at getting the games to work! I had a blowing sequence that seemed to work:) Hope your computer cooperates for the rest of the deployment.

Anonymous said...

I remember that! I remember you mentioning Pat got you an Ipad a while back. Do you like it/use it a lot? They seem awesome, but I can't really justify getting one now. Do you find that the Ipad is a replacement for a laptop? We may end up getting one when we start moving around again (since we don't have a laptop anymore).

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