February 24, 2011

I'm Still Here

Hi everyone! I am still here, but trapped without a laptop. I believe this is a mild, modern day form of torture.

The cord on my laptop will no longer charge it at all. My battery is dead, and there is nothing I can do. (This is on top of my failing hard drive.)

I call this the dark age. I am falling behind on reading all your blogs.

Right now I am blogging from my iPad, which means doing the one finger peck typing--not ideal for blog posts. Not to mention that my blog feeder on my dashboard doesn't load right and neither does my google reader. Am I supposed to do something to use blogger on an iPad? Any ideas people?

Do not worry though. A new Macbook was purchased today. Did you know they introduced a NEW MacBook Pro this morning? I call that perfect timing.

Here is to hoping it arrives soon! Thanks for sticking with me. I will definitely have a lot to say when I have access to a laptop again.


Lisa said...

I did see the info. about the new one. We are Mac lovers too! It would seem like torture to me too to be without my laptop. I hope your new one gets there very quickly!

Peanut Stitches said...

I totally thought of you yesterday when I got the email about the new MacBook Pro! I was going to forward it to you and say "BUY IT!!"

♥Mama of the Littles♥ said...

Following you back from the military blog hop!!

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