June 14, 2010


I've said before that Pat spoils me, and recently he's gone over the top. I think I mentioned for Mother's Day that he bought me the Amazon Kindle. I love it, and since reading is one of my deployment goal (which I will post soon), I will definitely be using it a lot. Our anniversary just passed, as you know. Pat sent home beautiful flowers for me. Normally I am the type to tell Pat to save his money because flowers just wilt and die, but I am very happy to have these sitting on my kitchen table right now. This may sound stupid, but it makes me feel like part of Pat is sitting here at the table with me.
After I received these beautiful flowers, I was inspired to create a card with the same color scheme. I made it quickly and in the dark during nap time so there are a few mistakes on it, but I'm really proud of it.
And lastly Pat went way over the top giving me a deployment gift. He got me an ipad!!!! I keep it next to the bed and am able to surf the web and all the blogs right before I go to sleep. I have yet to download any apps for it, so I'd love some suggestions on apps that I should get.

Since I didn't get him anything for the deployment a new goal of mine is to make the packages I send to him just awesome. I figure it is the least I can do for him.


Anonymous said...

I did not see any mistakes in the card! It was beautiful. Ah, I'm getting a Kindle soon. Well Mike is getting one for both of us. And the flowers were wonderful, every girl likes to feel special now and again C:

Julie the Army Wife said...

Those are lovely flowers :) And what a sweet card. I LOVE my Kindle :)

The Fischer Family said...

The flowers are beautiful, and so is that card! A kindle and an iPad...what a lucky girl! I don't have any app suggestions for you but have fun with it!

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