June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I was very lucky to have grown up with an amazing father. I learned a lot from him and am the woman I am today because of the values he and my mother instilled in me. I wish we could all celebrate Father's Day together. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

My children are also lucky because they have such a loving man to call their Daddy. We got to talk to Pat on the phone this morning, so that was like a gift to us. Ryan loved saying "hi, Dadda Pat" and then proceeded to show Pat the spaceman on TV. We miss him terribly and cannot wait to spoil him next year for Father's day. He really does deserve it. Since he still hasn't arrived at his final destination in country, we haven't been able to mail any packages out yet. And as of right now Pat doesn't have free time or living conditions that make any fun items I could send necessary. So as a result, the only thing I could send him was some pictures of the kids. But I am pretty sure it was just what he wanted. Here are some recent photos of the kids.

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Kayla Sue said...

I did the same for my hubby, sent him pics of us. There's really nothing else he wants/needs, and I'm terrible at picking out gifts! He loved it, and loved the video I sent of our little man too.

Gotta love those bumbo seats, hey??

Hoping this deployment goes fast for you guys!!

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