June 17, 2010

Saying Goodbye and Week 1

I'm a bit behind. The day we said goodbye to Pat was filled with fun, quite a bit of hectic stress, and a tearful goodbye. Pat spent most of the afternoon packing, and we helped where we could. I bet you weren't aware that the Army issues a Spaceman Hat were you?

Ryan loved running around like a spaceman with the gas mask.

These photos were taken before we said our real goodbye. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of Pat with both boys at once, and there are no photos of me with Pat. I'll have to fix that at homecoming ;)

Big hugs.
And kisses too!
Sean was getting hot, tired, and hungry at this point, but he liked being held by his Daddy.

(What you don't see in the photos is Ryan having a fit because he wanted Pat's gun and kept crying "my gun, my gun...".)

So that was a very sad night, but I've made it a week now. I know a week isn't much when you are looking at 52 weeks. I have to say though that this week pretty much flew by. I've kept busy with the kids. As long as I keep thinking up activities to do with the kids, I think things will go smoothly. I'm hoping to start getting together with some other wives soon and getting Ryan to play dates. I think seeing other people will be important for all of us. So basically I'm getting into my routine and figuring everything out.

Pat still isn't at his permanent location over there. I've heard from him a couple times though. It will be interesting to see what it is like once he is settled.

So there isn't much to review after just one week. I probably won't do a review each week, but I will keep you updated on how things are going for both me and Pat.


Dave and Ashley said...

Way to get through the first week and stay positive! I will be joining you on Sunday when my husband also leaves.

Kayla Sue said...

These pictures broke my heart. I relived every goodbye I've ever made with my husband.

Stay strong, you are doing so well! Those little boys need your smiling face:)

The Fischer Family said...

Sweet pictures! Keep up the countdown...the weeks will go by fast, I pray!

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