June 28, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Last week my boys and I had such a fun day in the sun. We did something that I had never done with them before, and I so wish Pat could have seen the expressions on their faces. Since he wasn't here I got the next best thing--pictures!

Can you believe Ryan had never gone running through the sprinkler before?

He didn't know what to make of it at first.

But then he realized how much fun it was to run through.

Sean thought it was a funny sight.
And of course Ryan had to try to catch the water in his mouth.
Then I decided to be a bad mommy. I wanted Sean to feel the water and cool down. So I placed his seat at the edge of the sprinkler. He wasn't impressed at first, and I was waiting to see if he would start crying.
But then to my surprise he ended up loving it!

He was having so much fun.

Being able to see their reactions was priceless. I think this was one of my favorite days since Pat left.

After Sean had his turn he relaxed on the blanket while Ryan continued to run.
I'm hoping to get these photos printed out so that I can put them in Pat's next care package. I think he's going to love seeing the boys' expressions. This day made me feel so happy and lucky to have happy children too.


Anonymous said...

Your boys are so sweet!

Kayla Sue said...

oh my word these pictures are ADORABLE!!! Nothing like running through the sprinkler on a hot day:) I have yet to get Tator Tot in the water...I'm nervous he'll just scream!

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