June 10, 2010

525,600 Minutes

"Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, In sunsets
In midnights, In cups of coffee
In inches, In miles
In laughter, In strife

In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure a year in the life?"
--Rent, Seasons of Love

Our third deployment has begun. I would be lying to say that it wasn't a hard time not only when he left but also preparing for it. It was always on our minds, in our hearts, and on our to do list. It causes tension and stress for our household. The time leading up to the deployment is sometimes just as hard at the actual deployment itself. While my heart feels broken, there is a part of me that is glad that it has started so that we can now start counting down to being together again.

I took some pictures of the boys with their daddy and will share them along with some stories of that day later. I will also let you know about Pat's living situation when I find out more. I think I need a little time to get used to our new routine and schedule right now. More updates will come soon though. Thank you for all the thoughts and well wishes you sent our way.


The Fischer Family said...

Shelly, you will be in my prayers! Thank you for everything that your husband and your family does to protect our nation! I am deeply appreciative of your sacrifice!

Erin said...

Thinking of you!! I know exactly what you mean. It gets so stressful that you are almost glad when it finally begins.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Pat, and the children. You all exemplify the meaning of the word "sacrifice." We love you very much.

Jessica said...

oh sweety, I can so identify with this post....our 3rd will begin soon, but the preparing for it is tough. I agree...sometimes your just ready for it to begin so we can get it over with.

Thinking of you!!!

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