June 21, 2010

Deployment Goals

I figured it was about time that I define my deployment goals. I wrote out a list a while before Pat left, but with time all things change. Here is my current list of things I'd like to accomplish while my husband is away:

Read~For mother's day Pat bought me a Kindle. I had really high hopes for reading a book a month, but I now realize that taking care of two small children and three dogs leaves me little time for reading. By the time I finally get some peace and quiet at night I'm too tired to read. But I am still sticking to this goal, but maybe modifying it to reading 6 books of substance. I know 6 doesn't sound like much, but I'm trying to avoid the beach read type of books. Right now I've just started "Little Women" since I've never read it before. I'll keep you updated on my progress with this goal.

Get Fit~I would love to lose 10-20 lbs while Pat is gone to get back to my pre-baby figure. Usually this is an easy task when Pat is deployed, but I've had an insatiable appetite for some while now; I'm blaming nursing. I'm already feeling skeptical about my ability to achieve this, but I have to remind myself that Pat hasn't even been gone 2 weeks yet. Along with losing weight I'd love to be more active and have a little exercise time. However, even with Ryan going to school two mornings a week in the fall, I'm not joining a gym. I refuse to spend those few hours a week leaving Sean in childcare. I want to use that time to bond one on one with Sean, so the most active I think I'll be achieving will be long walks. Either way, I think this whole thing will be a good goal for me.

Cards and Business~On my original goals list I said I wanted to perfect a craft or find some type of craft I'm actually good at. This was before I became a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! Now I feel like I've found what I love to do, but I would really like to share that with other people. One goal for this would be to start a monthly card club. I would be able to share my love of stamping/card making and also form some bonds and friendships. Overall though I'd just love if I could find some others that enjoy the same hobby, and it would be a bonus if I grew a few customers out of that. Another goal that I have in this area that I do not plan to accomplish until after Pat's return is that I'd love to set up a table at a craft fair.

FRG~I haven't mentioned this yet, but about 5 days before Pat's unit deployed one of the battery FRG leaders had an issue arise that is causing her to move away for the deployment. She had to step down as FRG leader. I was asked to take over as one of the co-leaders. I have experience, but in the past the FRG groups I was in were pretty broken down and not very active. In both of my previous experiences as FRG leader, I came in at such poor timing that it was hard to fix the problems I inherited. While the timing of this new FRG leadership position wasn't ideal, I really want to make it an active, friendly, and informative group. The bone structure is there. I have a great co-leader. I really want to be able to devote the time and effort to make something great out of this experience. It is also a nice extra that Pat will be taking command of this battery while deployed. If you have any ideas for social events, tips, or other ideas for FRGs I'd love to hear them.

So that is about all I can think of right now. I think those goals will keep me pretty busy though. I hope to keep everyone updated on my progress as the year passes by. I'm going to put a link to this post in my sidebar so that I will be reminded of my goals and hopefully accomplish them.


Jessica said...

I think you can accomplish your goals. =)

This is inspiring me to sit down and write my goals out too....

Anonymous said...

Good for you and good Luck!

I love how dedicated you are as a mother (choosing to bond with Sean)! It's nice to see a mother who wants to be close with her children.

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