June 5, 2010

New Swing Set

A couple of weeks ago, shortly after getting back from vacation, I decided we needed something in the backyard for the boys to play with. We looked at several different ideas, but settled on a swing set from Lowes. It was installed this week, and I cannot tell you how happy we are with it. I am so glad we got it. The boys love it already. Just thinking about how often we will be out there using it, I know it was well worth the money. I snapped a few photos of the boys playing on it yesterday. (click on photos to enlarge)
Ryan really likes to swing next to Sean.
And Sean loves swinging. Ryan didn't like to swing when he was a baby, so I am glad that Sean does.
Such a happy little swinging boy.
Another happy little boy.
He likes climbing the rock wall to go look through his scope and to go driving up in the fort area.

He thinks the slide is pretty cool too.


Dawn said...

Oh how fun, it has to be worth every penny spent....just priceless, those smiling faces.

Kayla Sue said...

oh my gosh, such CUTE kids!!

Found your blog through the new mil spouse community, nice to "meet" you!:)

Emily said...

Great pictures, love the smiles on swing sets.

Swing Set Australia

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