April 13, 2009


One morning last week, Ryan woke up early in the morning very upset.  He had a fever and was just miserable.  All he wanted to do that day was lay on me on the couch watching TV.  That alone is very odd.  Ryan never cuddles; we get occasional hugs, but he isn't very cuddly.  All day he was rather upset, but while I held him he found some comfort.  He woke up to be cuddled a few times that night, and went right back to sleep.  The next day he seemed to be getting better, but still not himself.  He was playing more, but still clingy and easily upset.  Then late that morning, he threw up his milk all over the two of us.  That afternoon his fever broke, and he was wanting to play.  The weekend came, and Ryan seems much better.  He now has a bit of a cough and his nose is still a little runny, but it seems like he's just about done with the sickness.  I'm hoping his appetite will return soon.  I hate to see my little munchkin not feeling well.  
Unfortunately Pat came down with the cough and chills, and I got the splitting headache, congestion, and sore throat.  We are quite the family to see at the moment.  I'm pretty certain I can say the three of us are miserable now.  Last night Pat and I were in bed around 8 p.m. However, neither of us got a good night of sleep.  Hopefully we'll be able to kick the sickness fast.    If I don't update for a few days, I'm hopefully recuperating.    

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