April 29, 2009


Ryan is starting to feel better.  His fever was way down today.  He hasn't vomited for at least 36 hours.  He's a little more playful, and sometimes happy.  He's not eating much, but hopefully soon that will change.  

Ryan was up at 5:30 this morning crying.  I know I've been this tired before, I just can't remember feeling this way.  With Pat being gone I've tried my best to revert back to the deployment schedule, which means dishes and cleaning get done after Ryan is in bed and little to no time for me to eat.  I thought I'd spend my nights enjoying myself, but I guess I forgot how much stuff there is to get done when Ryan is sleeping.  

We've been cooped up in the house for days now.  I'm starting to go stir crazy.  Depending on Ryan, I may go to target tomorrow to pick up some things for our vacation.  I'd love to get Ryan an Red Sox hat, but I know Pat would kill me if I did.  

Right now I'm just so looking forward to being asleep...Good Night!

1 comment:

Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

I'm glad that he is starting to feel better but make sure that you relax a little yourself so that you don't get sick!

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