September 10, 2008

Little Things Getting Under My Skin

1.  Abbey is having more medical issues.  These ones are not related to the other ones I don't think.  I'll be calling the vet today about getting her seen.  
2.  E-mails with Pat annoy me.  Sometimes he just doesn't reply after he reads my e-mails which just frustrates me, but even worse is when he does reply and completely ignores all the questions I posed.  Why do I take time to write an e-mail and ask questions if he isn't going to answer?  It's like we are having a very long completely broken conversation during these 8.5 months.  He's driving me nuts in a way only he can.  
3.  I'm finding through the volunteer work that I'm doing that I have to chase down and nag people (who are getting paid to do their job) to get things done.  I'm really not finding the motivation when it seems like everyone around is making it more difficult.
4.  Two days ago I got the step ladder out to replace the light bulb in the light on the ceiling in the kitchen.  This morning I turn on the light, and the other bulb blows out.  To top that off, I don't have any 60w light bulbs here at home so it looks like I need to go shopping.  

I'm hoping I do not have to edit this post later to add more.  Hopefully tonight I'll post a better, more upbeat blog entry about how great things are.  We'll see ;)

***Okay I wanted to also update:  $140 later, Abbey has yeast infections in her ears.  She just can't catch a break and neither can our checkbook!  


Mroszczyk Family said...

Joe does the same thing!! It drives me absolutely insane! I hope that the little girl is feeling better...what is going on? Darn those blasted lightbulbs!!

Devon said...

have you checked into pet insurance? not sure if it works like human insurance where they don't cover pre-existing conditions, but it may be worth your time

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