September 14, 2008

Poor Ryan

Poor Ryan has had a hard weekend.  Thursday Ryan had his second daycare visit.  My meeting time was changed so he was only at the cdc for an hour and half.  He did very well though.  I'm so proud of him.  He smiles whenever I ask him if he played with the babies.  Friday we had an uneventful day.  Pat's parents flew in Friday night.  New people in our environment always throw Ryan for a loop because it changes our normal routine.  Saturday morning I had a briefing for the FRG.  Ryan stayed with Pat's parents and did pretty well again.  That morning, he wasn't very interested in his breakfast.  Then at lunch he didn't seem to like what I had made.  Dinner came and he didn't want to eat a thing.  After he finally ate a bit, I decided to give up trying.  On our way into the living room, the poor little guy vomited all over the place.  He was running a fever and just seemed so sad.  He didn't cry during the night, but there was a bit of moaning.  He woke up with the fever still, but seemed slightly better.  He was super clingy, but that is to be expected.  He didn't want anything to do with our guests, he just wanted his Mommy.  He took a good long nap and his fever had broken by the time he got up.  He ate a little lunch.  When we started to eat our lunch though Ryan vomited again all over the floor.  I feel so awful for my little guy.  Pat's parents left a little early so that Ryan and I could have some quiet time.  He took another nap and woke up without any fever.  He wasn't interested in dinner tonight.  I am not sure if we'll be going to the doctor in the morning; I guess we'll see how the night goes and how he seems when he wakes up.  I'm hoping this illness will be over in the morning.  Right now I am wishing Pat could be here so we could be a team again.  I feel so bad for our munchkin.         

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