September 6, 2008

Bad Wife

I'm a bad wife right now.  I haven't mailed a package to Pat in quite a while.  I have the next one ready to go, but didn't make it to the post office today for various reasons.  

I also joke that this is the deployment of holes in the wall.  I've already put 2 holes in the walls and he hasn't been gone 5 months yet.  They are hidden right now, but Pat will have some patch work to do when he returns.  I haven't had the best luck hanging things lately.  Today it was a shelf that caused me frustration and a decent void in the drywall.  Luckily my Dad has been able to lend some help when I call him for advice.  

My parents are currently on vacation in Florida.  They sent a Fed Ex box with some gifts for Ryan.  The empty Fed Ex box is definitely a great all purpose toy.  It works as drum, and he also uses it as a walker and pushes it around the living room.  It is so cute to watch something so ordinary create so much fun for him.  

I was right--his fifth tooth is cutting and his sixth doesn't look far behind.  Maybe after that he'll catch a break.  Poor little guy.    

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