December 6, 2012


Two of my kids ended up sick last night. Just before dinner we were headed out to the store. No sooner than we pulled into the parking lot Leah vomited on herself. I told my husband to turn around and that we would go home. I ran in to the house to find a clean sleeper for the baby while my husband got the kids out of the car. Ryan walked straight to the bathroom once inside because he told us he needed to go potty. And then he vomited all over the bathroom.

And that is just how the night began.

Ryan vomited in his bed just before midnight. Leah was sleeping peacefully in my bed. Well that is until she vomited all over my face. Yup you read that right. I called Pat up to help. He brought me a towel and proceeded to rub the breast milk vomit all around my face. He wasn't wiping it off but rather rubbing it around. Then when we were changing Leah's clothes again she vomited down into my shirt. Clearly I have tons of laundry to do today.

I was also reminded about something important that I don't have at this house yet. We only have one mattress pad for our bed. And since the two vomiting children were in and out of my bed all night I ended up sleeping on a bunch of towels over vomit for the little time I slept. You know you are a mom when vomit doesn't phase you anymore.

Ryan is still getting sick today, and Leah just doesn't seem to be feeling great either. I am really hoping this is a 24 hour bug. I hate seeing my kiddos sick and not being able to fix it. Here's hoping there is no more vomiting, especially on my face.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry! After Micah got home Lucy got sick too. She was throwing up and not eating for at least 4 days. Luckily she got better and is great now. It's gross though.

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