December 11, 2012

Dear Santa,

Yesterday I posted a few things I'm loving.  Today I'm going to post a few things that I'm lusting after that are on my Christmas list.  I'm pretty sure I know a few of them will be under my tree this Christmas, you could say I have a direct connection with Santa.  (And maybe he sometimes uses my debit card ;)

1.  Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 
Urban Decay makes the best eye shadows in my opinion.  I was drawn to this set because of the soft, neutral colors.  I'm not big on bright colors for my eyes so this one is perfect for me.  I also had a $15 off a $50 Sephora purchase, plus I would get my birthday sample product, which I was dying for.  I love a good deal, so I was sold.  I kind of know this one will be under my tree.  

2.  Wristlet Clutch and Pencil Pouch from The Pleated Poppy.  
I've been wanted a Wristlet Clutch to put diapers and wipes in and throw in my diaper bag since before Leah arrived.  I just couldn't justify buying it though.  Right now The Pleated Poppy is doing 12 days of Christmas daily sales.  I think today is day 6 so you still have time to get a deal.  The day I saw the wristlet clutch on sale I jumped at it.  Plus I figured Santa needed a little help shopping for me.  I am so excited to organize my bag with these on Christmas morning.  

3.  A new tote bag to use as a diaper bag.  
I've pointed a few out to the hubby.  I have a few specifics that I want on it.  I want cute colors.  I want the top to zip, and I want long handles.  I bet he'll do a good job, right?  

4.  Coffee Mug and Rack
I have always had a thing for pretty mugs--tea cups or coffee mugs.  I like being able to start my day by choosing something pretty or fun.  I have to control myself purchasing these too often because shelf space is limited.  I've told hubby that he could buy me a new mug for Christmas.  The picture above is just an example.  To alleviate the storage problem, I've also asked the hubby build a little rack of hooks to put near the coffeemaker so I can keep a few of the cute mugs out.    

So that's my list.  What's on yours?

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Monica said...

I have a tote from Land's End, and I do like it, but the handles aren't nearly long enough so I can only wear it on my arm, not shoulder, which REALLY annoys me... And I didn't see the option to get longer handles so I'm out of luck. But other than the short handles, I like it! I like your list!

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