December 9, 2012

Ryan's 5th Birthday Party

The weekend after Thanksgiving we hosted Ryan's birthday party to celebrate with our families.  This was momentous for us because since getting married we haven't really been able to host any type of family function since we lived so far away.  I had always wanted to be able to have parties with my family especially once we had children, and now that wish is finally a reality.

I was a bit nervous on how everything would turn out.  I realized that entertaining is no easy task, but we all had a great time.  The party was a huge success, and I felt so proud for hosting our first event.

Unfortunately because entertaining is such hard work, I didn't get pictures of a lot of the things I wanted to show you, but I'll show you what I can.

Ryan decided on a Super Hero party because we had items from the Avengers, Transformers, and Spiderman.  It was everything he loves, and he was so excited about every part.

Transformers Birthday Sign.
Avengers cookies: Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, and Captain America.  The boys helped me cut them and decorate with sprinkles.  
Opening presents.

I wish we had taken a picture of the cupcakes I made.  I was pretty proud of them.  We gave them blue frosting and had Spiderman toppers on toothpicks.  We also didn't get a picture of the two lasagnas that I made.  I'll just brag a bit to say everyone seemed to enjoy them.  We also had a Chocolate Fondue dessert table, but again no photo.  
Not the best family photo, but these days just getting a photo of the five of us is a success in itself.  Getting everyone to look at the camera just seems impossible, and little Leah was asleep anyway in this photo.  

Even though it is a lot of work, I cannot wait until the next party.  

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mark lawrence said...

Ryan's 5th Birthday Party is outstanding. I am glad that everyone had such a nice time. You always do a great job. At one of the San Francisco venues we too threw the train themed party for our little son. He was asking for this theme for a long time so planned it for him. He adored it thoroughly!

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