December 20, 2012

She's Hungry!

Leah's pediatrician had said we could start her on food at 6 months, but her appointment isn't until after the holidays.  I fully intended to wait until I spoke with him before starting any food, in case things had changed in the few years since I did this with Sean.  After all, they keep changing their points of view on things quickly it seems.

But despite my intentions, we gave in and started Leah on Oatmeal.  She is so interested in food and trying so hard to swipe ours off our plates that we decided to give her a little cereal.  She's a hungry girl, what can I say.

We stripped her down and put her in her highchair.  Pat snapped a few pictures of this event.  

I believe she was thinking, "finally, something for me!"
"hmm...I'm not so sure about this..."
 "what is this texture?"
"maybe it will be different this time"
 "nope, still the same"
 "well, it isn't that bad..."
"I'll have a little more"
and finally by the end, "I think I like this!"

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