December 17, 2012

Loss of Innocence

Last week many children had their innocence stolen away from them.  20 innocent children lost their lives.  I cannot imagine what would cause someone to be so evil.  I will never understand how he could do what he did.  I cannot imagine what the families of Sandy Hook Elementary are going through.  I do not know how you move on after such a tragedy, and I never want to personally know that.  My heart is so heavy for each of them, and my prayers are being said.  

I am in shock that this would happen especially in an elementary school.  I am being honest when I say that I am afraid to send my son to school today.  If I have fears, I feel so sorry for so many children that must be afraid to go to school too.  School was supposed to be a safe learning place filled with friends and teachers.  I do not want that to change.  I am hoping that my children never hear about Friday.  If there is anything I can do to help them maintain the innocence of childhood without knowledge of this evil, I will do it.  

I am sure my words are so similar to what everyone is saying/writing.  The horror of last week has rocked this country and probably this world to it's core.  (There was also an attack in China at a school.  We are not alone battling the violence)  As news broke, I feel confident to say that everyone held their children a little tighter.  It was a horrible reminder of something we often take for granted--that our children are blessings and each moment with them is special.  

Friday night as we were hanging around after dinner, I captured a moment on my cell phone.  You cannot see the whole scene and the video isn't the best, so let me tell you what was going on.  Ryan was wearing his spiderman costume and running around.  Sean was chasing him.  Every time they passed by Leah she began to laugh.  Seeing the innocent joy of my children was the light in a dark day.  It was a moment that I want to remember and cherish.  So during so much sadness, let me share a little laughter in the video down below.  

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