December 14, 2012

Christmas Decor

Here is a tour of my Christmas home decor.  I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner.  

Snowmen are one of my favorite's for winter decor.  This is my Scentsy Bluster warmer.  It has sold out two winters in a row.  I'm glad I got mine before it was gone.  
 I had a June wedding in 2004.  One of the most unexpected gifts was from my neighbor, and it was Christmas decorations.  It was definitely one of my favorite wedding gifts.  I loved pulling it out on our first Christmas together and every one since.  Almost all the Christmas decorations I have come from that wedding gift.  This snowman bowl was one of the wedding gifts and probably one of my favorite holiday pieces.
This fiber optic train was among those wedding gifts too.  Now that we have kids, they love watching it light up.
These snowmen were also wedding gifts.  As I said, I love snowmen, so these are special parts of my decorations.  
Santa Ice Skating is a whimsical statue.  It makes me smile whenever I look at it, and I love all the detail to it.  Are you surprised when I say it was another part of the wedding gift?  
Since our family is complete now, I wanted to buy new, matching stockings.  When looking online I saw these at Lands' End.  They were perfect because there was one that matched up perfectly for each of our kids.  We got a great deal, and I'm excited to use these for many years to come.  
Ryan has always been fond of penguins.  Sean LOVES choo-choo trains.  And I was happy that they had one that was slightly girly for my little girl.  
When we first got married, I had these visions of the perfectly decorated Christmas tree.  I had toyed with the idea of a beach themed tree in perfect blue, silver, and gold decorations strung with beautiful shells.  But then I realized how each Christmas ornament we got was so special to us.  They don't necessarily fit together or make the most beautifully decorated tree, but all the ornaments we place on the tree are meaningful to us and hold our memories.  The kids placed most of the ornaments this year, which is why so many of them are on the lower half of the tree.  It may not be the tree I had once envisioned, but it is perfect for our family.  

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Natasha said...

I agree with you that it's about the meaning of the ornaments on the tree and not about how (im)perfectly it's decorated.

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