May 16, 2012

Shopping Sabotage

Pat and my anniversary is coming up next month.  And just after our anniversary comes Father's day.  While Pat and I aren't always big gift givers, this year there is something special I want to buy for Pat.  It doesn't help that my husband has expensive taste though.  I'm trying my hardest to save money, but I feel like my efforts are being sabotaged left and right.

A big part of the sabotage is self inflicted.  I've caught myself spending money quite a bit lately, especially on beauty products.  I think splurging on the beauty aids helps me feel better about myself while I'm feeling a bit big and waddling around.  Recent examples of my spending are below:
I've also been stalking diaper clutches and ruffled bags like these online.  Thankfully I've had self-restraint from sending in any orders.
And just as I'm struggling with my spending urges, you cannot imagine the temptation that was in my inbox this morning.  Somehow I got an e-mail from Birchbox offering me 20% off my next purchase.  I don't even subscribe to the monthly Birchbox thing. I quickly browsed the site and found a few items I'd been wanting to try.  It was going to be free shipping plus 20% off.  I had my cart ready to go and card in hand when I came to my senses and closed out the browser window.

It wasn't 20 minutes later that I received an e-mail about an exclusive online Coach Factory sale with 20% off and free shipping.  Thankfully I knew I didn't need anything there, and I would have  no justification for buying anything.  It didn't stop me from looking though.

So maybe now that I realize I have a problem, I'll be able to overcome it.  Although I know it will be challenging...

Especially because the saving sabotage doesn't end with me.  Pat found a nail in his tire yesterday and we now know he needs all new tires.  Arrrghhh!!!  If it's not one thing, it's another.   I'll let you know in June if I accomplish my goal of getting Pat the present he deserves.  In the meantime I'd love to hear about your shopping and maybe I can live vicariously through you ;)

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