May 9, 2012


Lately, I've been having trouble letting go of my fear and worries.  I'm not just a worry wart you see, it's more that all these big, huge life events are hitting all at once, and it is overwhelming.  Although everything happening at once is the way life seems to work though, doesn't it?

Just a few examples of the stuff I'm stressing over are:
*Putting our house on the market 4 weeks before we have a new baby.
*Managing to get and keep our house clean to have it on the market.
*Welcoming a new baby and learning how to be a mom of 3.
*Worry about the baby being healthy.
*Moving away without my husband as a new mom of 3 to a new town, house, area, and being responsible for settling our family in.
*Figuring out the logistics for moving the household items we need before the Army moves my husband.
I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the picture.

When thinking about these fears in my life, I remembered a pin I saw on pinterest about fear.  You gotta love pinterest ;)

Sometimes I think we all need a reminder that our faith can overcome our fear.  We have a place to turn, and we are not alone.  While times may seem challenging and almost impossible during the struggle, we will get through them.  Perseverance makes you a stronger person.  While I am still fearful of all these tasks in front of me, I have faith that I can handle it.  I know there will be times when I am feeling low and not handling myself in a very graceful manner, but I am human and I falter.  I just have to keep my faith strong, my head high, and try my best.  

This too shall pass, and I have faith that I am on the path to a better and more joyous place.  


Theresa said...

That's quite a list! Most of us only deal with one of two of those things at a time if we have to deal with them at all. I used to be a constant worrier and filled with lots of fear, but then I read What Women Fear by Angie Smith and it was amazing and basically said what you are saying. Have faith. God will handle it. Good luck with everything. I hope the transition is without complication. I'm sure your baby girl will be just perfect :)

Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up. You have a ton going on, but you will make it. Keep your faith and remember that this is just a phase that will pass. I know everything will work for you guys! Good Luck!

KERRY said...

I love your positive attitude!
That pin is really inspiring and beautiful :)
I don't blame you for feeling the stress though with everything you have coming up, so I hope it all goes smoothly for you and turns out the way you hope :)
You will get through it, you're a strong woman!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I feel you! Last summer we moved out of our house 6 days after my second was born. I was juggling a newborn and 2 year old and trying to get my hubs out the door from NC to CA to get signed it. THe Army definitely seems to know the most inopportune times to move us!

Julie Danielle said...

I am fearful of things too, it sucks. I also try to remember not to worry so much.

The few people who I have known to put their house on the market here recently were able to sell it right away.

PalouseMom said...

I love how you finished your post!! So very, very true!! I can't imagine trying to handle, prepare for, and process all the change that is coming your way - you are doing better than you give yourself credit for!

Hopefully what I found is the same for you... transitioning to 3 little ones was not nearly as challenging as going from 1 to 2!

Cindy said...

my goodness that sounds about my list right now, only we are renting out our house not selling it, and I am scared to death about having the movers pack, what I need and so forth. I am terrified my kids will miss the first day of school and that they won't even get to enjoy summer because of our move and all the things that keep going wrong.

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